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Room Maid/Cabin Stewardess/Room Attendant

Culinary Utility

Assistant Account Junior

Utility Busboy

Bar Waiter/ress

Assistant Waiter

Restaurant Waiter

Utility Housekeeping

Junior Nurse

Job Title : Cabin Stewardess

Responsible to : Housekeeper

Work Location : Oversea Cruise

Experience : 2-3 years

Main responsibilities:


- “Meet and Greet” services.

- Responsible for their stations being kept nice and tidy at all times.

- Responsible for news and stationary being brought to cabins when needed.

- All cleaning lockers, pantries and linen lockers to be kept nice and tidy at all times.

- All meals to be taken in crew's mess.

- Responsible for their guests’ well being and that early morning teas or coffees are being served.

- Understand the importance of taking good care of all the Company's property, such as linen, cleaning gear, etc.

- All questions from passenger must be answered prompt and polite. Any difficulties must be reported to the Housekeeper at once.

- Familiarise yourself with the ship’s “Emergency Plan”, the “Muster List”, the ship’s “Code of Conduct” and the “S.M.S”.

- Working areas: All passenger‑cabins, pantries, and passenger alleyways.

- All crewmembers are responsible for the cleaning of their own cabins. No food items, cooking utensils, etc are allowed in the cabin. Cabin inspections are carried out at irregular hours at any time.

- Caring for a sick passenger in the cabin:

    • may assist passenger in walking to the toilet - if the passenger is mobile

    • provide food & drinks to the cabin - if required

    • assist in packing luggage - if required

- Please refer to Vessel SMS - Chapter 5 - Hotel Procedures, for further guidance on what your role entails.

- This is an outline of your duties. You may be called upon to perform other ad-hoc duties when required.

- The Room Stewardess should familiarise herself with Company instructions and procedures relevant to her position.

The substitute for this position is at the discretion of the Hotel Manager.

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