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Job Title  : Assistant Accountant / Assistant Accountant Junior
Report To  : Accounts Manager

Main responsibilities:

1. Cash Control

     a. Check correctness of foreign exchange transactions and update foreign exchange report.
     b. Maintain cash ledger and cash book with weekly cash counting of own safe.
     c. Prepare all backup support for cashbook for dispatch to office on cruise by cruise basis.
     d. Prepare cheques, travellers cheque, excess cash for banking and report back to Accounts Manager for checking.
     e. Responsible for safekeeping of cash and cash boxes received from bars, shops and casino at night time.

2. Billing

     a. Check validity of credit card registered by guests and send out FOCL standard reminder letter for those who have not registered a     credit card.
     b. Perform all Night Audit routine as per check list. (For Asst Accountant assigned as Night Auditor)
     c. Handle receipt of guest, crew, staff and system accounts payments as endorsed by Reception and/or Accounts Staff.
     d. Check Fidelio Summary of Payments for the cruise (Pax/Crew/Staff) and ensure that all payments are received by Accounts Office.
     e. Prepare open guests’ balance for disembarking guests.

3. Other

     a. Work as a team member.
     b. Follow “Clean As You Go” work habits.
     c. Perform any special duty requested by Accounts Manager or Hotel Manager.
     d. Follow safe work routines and notify your supervisor of any dangerous or unsafe place within your assigned place of duty.
     e. Responsible for keeping the daily and weekly routines in the accounts offices. This includes keeping the offices clean and tidy at all times.
     f. Assist Accounts Manager in carrying out all account related functions, including the maintenance of POS, Fidelio/Micros, Forex and the Payroll system.
    g. Must follow, at all times, the uniform rules set by the ship’s management.
    h. Must be cost conscious. Take care of all accounts equipment and secure the equipment during rough weather. Ensure continuous operation of the ship’s computerized systems.
    i. Must take part in controlling the usage of hotel stationery and report to Accounts Manager or Hotel Manager if anything is needed.
    j. To be trained in the use of the Fidelio Property Management and Material Management system.
    k. To use Fidelio Property Management and Material Management system to carry out all aspects of job where applicable.
    l. Keep your cabin clean and tidy.  No food items, cooking utensils, etc. are allowed in your cabin. Random cabin inspection will be carried out at irregular hours.
    m. Must take all meals in the crew mess.
    n. Keep a well-groomed personal appearance.
    o. Must be familiar with ship’s “Code of Conduct”, “Emergency Plan”, the “Muster List” and the “S.M.S.” manuals.
    p.  The Assistant Accountant should familiarize him/herself with Company instructions and procedures relevant to his/her positions.
    q. This is an outline of your duties. You may be called upon to perform other ad-hoc duties when required.

The substitute for the Assistant Accountant / assistant Accountant Junior is at the discretion of the Accounts Manager and Hotel Manager.

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