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Assistant Chef/Demi Chef De Parties

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Junior Nurse

Job Title : Assistant Chef
Reports to : Executive Chef / Sous Chef / Chef de Partie

Main Responsibilities:

- Work as a team member.
- Follow "Clean as You Go" work habits.
- Follow safe working routines and notify supervisors of any dangerous or unsafe place within your working area.
- Assist Chef de Partie in your assigned area with the production of food according to the daily menus.
- Make frequent suggestions to your supervisors in order to bring the standards up and to keep your interest in your work.
- Responsible for the cleaning of your working area and all utensils used.
- Responsible for all equipment and safety in your area.
- Be food cost conscious. Check wastage.
- Make sure that the daily cleaning routines set by the Company are followed.
- Always keep your cabin clean and tidy. No food items, cooking utensils etc., are allowed in your cabin.
- Keep a well-groomed personal appearance.
- All meals to be taken in the Crew mess.
- Please refer to Vessel SMS - Chapter 5 - Hotel Procedures, for further guidance on what your role entails.
- Must be familiar with the ship’s “Emergency Plan”, the “Muster List”, the ship’s “Code of Conduct” and the “S.M.S”
- This is an outline of your duties. You may be called upon to perform other ad-hoc duties when required.
- You may be asked to assist with loading on turn-round days, on instructions from Executive Chef/Sous Chef.
- The positions listed below should familiarize him/herself with Company instructions and procedures relevant to his/her position.
- The substitute for the positions listed below is at the discretion of the Executive Chef.

Special Responsibilities:  (Please tick appropriate box.  Any specific duties for that role are listed beneath the job title)

* Assistant Chef (Hot)

- Assist with the hot food selection for breakfast and ensure that the food is of the highest standards.
- Do any special duty requested by the Executive Chef/Sous Chef.

* Assistant Chef (Cold)

- Assist the Pantry Chef in the production of cold food selection and ensure that the food is of the highest standards.
- Do any special duty requested by the Executive Chef/Pantry Chef.

*  Assistant Crew Chef

- Assist Crew Chef in preparation of all dishes, soups, sauces, etc. being prepared by crew.
- Consistently strive to upgrade our food quality and food preparation.

*  Assistant Pastry

- Perform any special duty requested by the Pastry Chef.
- Assist in the production of all pastries, desserts and other sweets needed for the menu and cold table.
- Try to keep all the pastries/sweets as freshly made as possible.

*  Assistant Chef Poolside / Garden Café / Palms Café / Balblom

- Make sure that during lunch and dinner service, there is sufficient meat, fish and pasta dishes available on the line

*  Assistant Storekeeper

- Do any special duty requested by the Storekeeper/Executive Chef/Sous Chef.
- Assist the Storekeeper in he preparation of provisions requested from the various outlets on the vessel.
- Assist the Storekeeper with the issuing of bonded stores to bars and restaurants.
- Assist the Storekeeper in making inventories when requested.
- Communicate frequently with the Storekeeper in order to eliminate daily problems.
- Assist with the cleaning of walk-in refrigerators, freezers and dry stores.
- Report any fault or shortage of items to the Storekeeper immediately.
- Give your full co-operation to the Storekeeper, especially on storing days.
- Assist the Storekeeper in the preparation of Out of Date/Best Before reports.

* Assistant Night Chef

- Do any special duty requested by the Executive Chef/Sous Chef.
- Responsible for the preparation of breakfast and midnight buffet according to the menu cycle given by the Executive Chef.
- Responsible for communicating on a frequent basis with your supervisors on the needs, concerns and problems for improvement of your work area.
- Check that working utensils and machines are cleaned on a daily basis.

* Assistant Butcher

- Do any special duty requested by the Executive Chef/ Butcher.
- Cleaning all working facilities and the butcher shop including freezers and refrigerators and all machinery, according to your supervisor’s direction.
- Always be interested in learning proper meat cutting and other skills as shown to you by the Executive Chef/Sous Chef.

* Assistant Baker

- Do any special duty requested by the Executive Chef/Sous Chef/Baker.
- Assist the Baker with all dough-mixes, cakes, cutting of French bread, baking in ovens, etc.
- Assist the Baker with keeping the bakery clean.
- Co-operate with the Baker and report all problems to him immediately.
- Responsible for the handing out of bread rolls, cakes, etc., before serving time.
- Assist the baker in drawing of all stocks from stores to bakery, and report immediately if there is anything missing.
- Communicate with the baker regarding rotation of leftovers (can be used for crew and in different pastries).

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