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Bar Waiter/ress

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Responsibilites : Bar Lounge Assistant Waiter/Waitress

Report to : Bar Manager

Job Location : Oversea Cruise

Work Experience : 1-2 years

Main responsibilities:

- Politely “Meet and Greet”, and ask the patrons for the beverage order. Describe types of cocktails, liqueurs, highballs and wines upon request. Write down order, and repeat the order to the patron.

- Transmit order to barkeeper/Assistant barkeeper ‑ receive order and chit from Barkeeper/Assistant Barkeeper ‑ Place order on tray and serve guests. She will identify the lady guest or guest of honour, and consider her or him as "12 o'clock", and then serve the order clockwise. Finally, request guests to sign the chit together with cabin number. Receipts must always be given to guests.

- Remain readily accessible and attentive to guests at all time. May dispense tobacco / cigars upon request of patron.

- Clean table with bussing towel, and return empty glasses to proper stations. Empty glasses and place in separated wire racks. Same with cups, saucers, teaspoons, creamers, sugar bowls and peanut bowls.

- Responsible for the cleaning of these utensils in the dishwashing machine, and for the maintenance of the machines. (See separate instruction.)

- Be familiar with Micros and responsible for the passengers charges ensuring there are no incorrect charges

- Ensure all drinks till receipts are correctly signed by the passengers

- Be familiar with the Company cleaning and hygiene standards.

- Responsible to maintain cleanliness and tidiness in the bar, pantry and lounges area.

- To do other side duties as assigned by the Barkeeper

- Responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of the pantry.

- By assignment: Responsible for collecting supplies of garnish and linen.

- Your loyalty towards the Company is expected if asked about internal matters, such as salary, contract or management.

- Understand the importance of taking well care of company's property.

- Any left passenger’s property, or items found, must be brought to the reception A.S.A.P.

- Please refer to Vessel SMS - Chapter 5 - Hotel Procedures, for further guidance on what your role entails.

- Must be familiar with the ship’s “Emergency Plan”, the “On-board Outbreak” procedure plan, the “Muster List”, the ship’s “Code of Conduct” and the “S.M.S”.

- Keep your cabin clean and tidy. No food items, cooking utensils, etc are allowed in the cabin. Cabin inspections are carried out at irregular hours at any time.

- The Bar Lounge Waiter/Waitress should familiarize him/herself with Company instructions and procedures relevant to his/her position.

- This is an outline of your duties. You may be called upon to perform other ad-hoc duties when required.

The substitute for these positions is at the discretion of the Hotel Manager.

Job Combination

- Special qualifications: Knowledge of all various types of mixed and various brands of alcoholic and non‑alcoholic drinks available on board. Well rounded personality towards guests and co‑workers. Bar personnel can be the most effective public relations on board. A thorough knowledge of functions on board, as well as locations of various departments and facilities on the ship, will not only be useful, but essential. A good memory and remembering special drinks for the patrons will play a big part in establishing good relations between bar personnel and customers. Bar personnel must be clean in appearance, quick in movement and courteous in manner. Like restaurant personnel, the manner of approach, courtesy and civility of bar personnel are even more important. They must have tact, be unobtrusive, yet always there, ready to catch the eye of the customer, and anticipate what is required or desired. 

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